Robinson R66 initial training course
  • About the courseThe initial private pilot training routine provides knowledge and skills for independent control of a Robinson R66 helicopter as an AC. The term of study is 135 days.
  • Helicopter typeRobinson R66
  • Flight training43 hours
  • Theory sessions232 hours
  • Test exam15 hours
  • QualificationsAt the end of the training program, the Initial Training Program for Private Pilots for Robinson R44 Helicopter certificate is issued. This certificate grants access to obtaining the civil aviation (СA) private pilot license from the HQC (TQC) of the FAAT Rosaviatsiya.
  • Documents required
    • Copy of passport
    • Copy of education certificate (secondary school or higher)
    • MFEC medical certificate
    • Photos 4x5, 4 pcs. (colored, matte, without corners, business look)
Course units
  • Theory (sections)
    • Practical aerodynamics, Helicopter design, Instrumentationу equipment, Engine design, Electrical equipment, Radio navigation equipment, DASH-1 Air navigation, Helicopter pilot control, Rules of radio contact and ACTS phraseology, and its placement in the aircraft, Aviation meteorology, Aviation medicine, Regulatory documents on flight operations
  • Training practice (exercises)
    • Hovering, motion and turnaround maneuvers near the ground, Сircuit-circling Flights within a flight area, Route flights, Flights to work out the emergency actions of the aircraft commander
Robinson R66 initial training course
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