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              The above calculations are indicative and do not take into account:

              • fees for take-off and landing operations at helipads and airfields

              • possible additional landings for refueling

              • change in the optimal route of the tour due to the possible introduction of time restrictions on flights in the air zones along which the optimal route passes, etc.

              For an accurate calculation, contact the employees of Heliport Moscow by phone + 7 (495) 77-000-77

              Gift certificates

              Heliport Moscow offers to purchase a gift certificate for any sightseeing, orientation and training flight or a flight upon an individual route.

              Departure from Heliport Moscow provides all comfort and convenience of a modern helicopter center. Leave your car in a secure parking lot and enjoy the impressions, freedom of movement and unlimited possibilities of the helicopter.

              Helicopter excursions - universal relaxation

              Heliport Moscow Airlines offers various helicopter excursion routes that are perfect for a pleasant holiday with the whole family, or for a corporate event or a large-scale holiday (major birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc.).

              The developed flight procedures are also popular among tourists and skiing amateurs. It is much more convenient and fast to use the helicopter to get to the beginning of routes in the upper reaches of the rivers or to the tops of mountain ranges in order to conquer the rampaging elements with fresh forces.

              Helicopter routes

              All the proposed excursion routes can be divided into several main categories, among which everyone can choose the perfect vacation for themselves:

              Helicopter tours of the cities. Even if you have already been to Mozhaisk, Kolomna, Vladimir, Solnechnogorsk, Sergiev Posad and other cities of Russia, you can look at them from above in a completely different way, and get a lot of positive impressions and emotions.

              Excursions to nature reserves and famous parks of Russia

              Flights to yacht clubs, golf clubs and other country clubs, as well as to autodromes and ski resorts will make your vacation more exquisite and interesting.

              Historical tours will help not only have a good time, but also learn a lot.

              Each helicopter tour from our airline is the perfect combination of an unforgettable experience, high comfort and complete flight safety. Do not deny yourself a pleasure - book a route now!