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    Moscow is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world with a rich history, many parks, attractions, and architectural masterpieces. Heliport Moscow offers a look at the beauty of the metropolis from above! Believe us, few have seen the capital from this perspective. Vivid impressions and good mood are guaranteed! 

    Despite the fact that flights over the historic city center are closed, you will still see many interesting places when flying around Moscow by helicopter.

    Within 40 minutes of the flight, you will admire the Pavshinsky floodplain, the Picturesque bridge, the Moscow City skyscraper complex, the Sheremetyevo Airport, the Ostankino Tower, the Losiny Ostrov Park, the Moscow State University, Poklonnaya Gora, the oldest Moscow airfield Tushino, the North River Terminal, the Skolkovo Innovation Center, as well as many other unusual and beautiful places.

    Look at the life of one of the largest cities in the world through the eyes of a pilot!

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