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    A flight to Zvenigorod boasts one of the most picturesque travel routes. Thus, a familiarization flight to the center of Russian architecture could be a great surprise for your friends and loved ones!

    Zvenigorod has always been a location of great strategic importance. Over its long history, a huge number of historical monuments of ancient Russian architecture have been created in the city. The main attractions of Zvenigorod to this day are the Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery, erected at the end of the XIV century, and the Assumption Cathedral, built at the turn of the XIV-XV centuries.

    In the vicinity of the city there are numerous estates: Ershovo, Dunino - the house of composer S.I. Taneyev, as well as the estate of the Soviet writer M.M. Prishvin - Dyutkovo... All of them are perfectly visible from a helicopter!

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