Heliports of Russia” ATC expands its activities!

On May 14, 2019, an additional professional training program was introduced.

“Improving the training of CA pilots in light helicopters”, which includes the following programs:

  1. “Restoring the skills of an aircraft commander after a break of more than 90 days” 14.20 clock hours

  2. “Lowering the minimum of pilots for flights on the VFR (150x2000)" 10.00 clock hours

  3. "Training pilots for flying at night on the VFR (450x4000)" 11.40 clock hours

  4. "Preparation for flying at low temperatures" 10.20 clock hours

  5. "Preparation for flying at high temperatures" 10.30 clock hours

  6. "Testing the piloting and navigation skills" 11.00 clock hours

  7. “Preparation for off-route flights with the right to select landing sites from the air in flat and hilly areas” 11.00 clock hours

Сертификат АУЦ №314 выдан Министерством транспорта РФ Федеральным агентством воздушного транспорта.

Записывайтесь, расширяйте квалификацию и повышайте летные навыки в авиационном учебном центре Хелипорт!