A helicopter is more than just a form of transport. Experts on helicopters can be counted on the fingers, and a mistake can cost not only tens of millions of rubles, but also radically change the attitude to aviation.

The availability of online information gives the impression that it is quite easy to choose a helicopter, but this is an illusion.

A reliable seller can always tell you how the deal for the selection of the helicopter will go and the cost of its operation, depending on the parameters of the board. Because, having chosen an aircraft, the owners invariably face regular expenses for the maintenance of the board, including the cost of insurance, taxes, basing in the hangar, pilot's salary and maintenance. All this will help you calculate the broker when choosing a helicopter, so that these costs do not become unexpected.

It can also recommend for your tasks, complete the aircraft with equipment, give a description of the engineering service and provide expert justification for your proposal. Agree, an independent search for the right aircraft on the network can not cover such a volume of information and significantly increases the risks, and of course the time spent.

It should be understood that the structure of the transaction, as a rule, is very complex and each time differs from the previous nuances. The broker company, based on its experience, will help you choose a bank, negotiate with a leasing company, and provide a full range of legal services. If the inspection reveals defects, it will indicate the need to correct them. This procedure is important, especially if the customer buys a resource (that is, used) helicopter.

Heliports of Russia has its own aviation and technical base, so it can give an expert opinion on the actual technical condition of the helicopter. On our website all the helicopters offered for sale are in perfect technical condition, have passed routine maintenance and have certificates of airworthiness of the aircraft.


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