Dear pilots, at the Heliport Aviation Training Center you can improve your flying skills!

We offer you to familiarize yourself with one of the courses:

“Rating check of piloting and navigation techniques”

Duration of training 3 training days.

Ground preparation includes in-depth study and consolidation of theoretical knowledge (6 clock hours):

•  FCOM;

• Russian legislation in the field of civil aviation and requirements for helicopter crew members;

• Rules and phraseology of radio exchange between aircraft crews and controllers;

• Meteorological peculiarities of the flight area;

• Flight documentation;

• Causes of helicopter accidents;

• Student's flying readiness check.

Training (3 clock hours), when you will acquire the following skills:

• Ppreparation, verification and operation of helicopter systems and equipment on the ground;

• Actions in emergency situations in flight;

• Actions during special cases in flight;

• Working out the technology of work at all stages of the flight.

The program also includes flight testing along the route, in a circle, into the training zone (6 flights in total).