The heroes of the next production of the YouTube channel "Editorial" destroy myths about flights and fight against aerophobia


1:25 Pivovarov decided to help Alexander Pushnoy cope with aerophobia

2:10 "There are no people who do not have aerophobia"

2:40 Security Briefing

3:07 Aerophobic Pushnoy flying a helicopter for the first time or just “aaaaaaa”

4:16 Oncoming helicopter. How to pass head on?

4:52 If the helicopter flies the wrong way, will they raise military aircraft?

6:00 Boeing 737 commander Alexei Kochemasov, known as Lekha the Pilot

6:25 How much do a pilot instructor earn?

7:05 How Rosaviatsia prevents pilots from moving abroad

7:25 Author of the most popular pilot video in Runet Denis Okan

8:00 Can pilots drink coffee in the cockpit? And what if it gets spilled?

8:40 Superstitions before flying

9:05 Do pilots dream of plane crash?

9:15 Lekha the Pilot saw a UFO (many times)

9:44 What are pilots driving when getting to the airport?

10:00 Lekha the Pilot: “The cause of 99.9% of air crashes is the human factor”

10:44 What happened to the collapsed Boeings

12:26 Okan: "Boeing overestimated the pilots"

13:07 How Boeing is different from Airbus

13:43 Have modern pilots turned into operators?

14:24 Pushnoy is now ready for anything

15:30 Music - a cool remedy for aerophobia? (check it on Pushnoy)

16:55 Lekha the Pilot talks about the fire on his flight

18:37 What does the pilot do before takeoff?

19:20 Why do they fly at one height around the world, and in Russia - at some other

20:10 Where is the brake on the plane?

20:17 Where does the “fasten seatbelts” board turn on

20:24 Why bring the seatbacks to a vertical position and open the curtains of the windows?

21:00 Why do they ask to turn off the phones during take-off?

21:47 Can a pilot get lost?

21:52 What happens if lightning hits the plane?

22:09 Lekha the Pilot flies a barrel roll on a Boeing 737

22:45 What happens if passengers in an airplane jump at the same time?

23:06 Do pilots get checked for psychological compatibility?

23:33 How do pilots fight sleepiness?

23:35 And what if the pilot goes crazy during the flight?

23:45 Pilots are forbidden to eat the same food

23:55 And what if one of the pilots needs to get out of the cockpit?

24:43 "In one airline, both pilots in flight left the cockpit"

25:02 Does a stewardess dream of becoming a pilot?

25:27 The most difficult part in preparing the production is an interview with a female pilot

26:00 Failure of two engines

26:30 We land without engines. How can that be possible?”

27:00 Do pilots hear applause?

28:27 Why you do not need to be afraid to fly

28:52 Pushnoy: “If I am destined to crash with Pivovarov, then this will happen”

29:10 How did we break the flight simulator