Look at the fireworks from a helicopter! The fireworks on May 9 in Moscow will begin at 22:00 and will last about 10 minutes.  This year, the fireworks display will be brighter than before, and all salvos will be perfectly visible from the air!

72 artillery guns installed at 16 sites throughout the city will provide the salvos: in Victory Park, in the areas of Lianozovo, Levoberezhny, Mitino, Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo, Kuzminki, Yuzhnoye Butovo, Obruchevsky, in Luzhniki, on VDNH, in Zelenograd, Troitsk, on the embankment of the Moskva river. 

The Heliport Moscow helicopter center invites you to see this amazing sight from above. During these 40 minutes of flying around the Moscow Ring Road, you will see night panoramas of the metropolis and the metropolitan sky, painted with three hundred meter salute domes in a bright palette. Not every pilot saw this! 

The flight starts from Heliport Moscow helicopter center. Flight duration: 40 minutes. The cost of the program for three passengers on a Robinson R44 helicopter is 33,200 rubles, for four passengers on a Robinson R66 - 39,500 rubles, for six passengers on an Airbus Helicopters H130 - 77,700 rubles. Round-the-clock flight order: 8 (495) 77-000-77.